Laura Mamerow

Laura Mamerow



  • Eating disorder
  • Emotional eating
  • Anorexia
  • Binge eating
  • Help gaining weight
  • Help losing weight


  • Weight-neutral
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    Intuitive eating
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    Relationship with food
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Minimum patient age

18 years old

Patient reviews

  • Friendliness and helpfulness of Laura. She listened so well and asked appropriate questions

    June 27th, 2024
  • Insightful dietitian/coach , created a plan from day 1, listened carefully and was very encouraging

    April 23rd, 2024
  • I really like the gentle approach and building meals. I actually look forward to eating healthier.

    June 14th, 2024

About Laura

Laura is a registered dietitian nutritionist who combines her love of science, food, and counseling to help clients reach their health goals. Laura specializes in disordered eating patterns, eating disorders, emotional eating and general health conditions to help her clients have a healthy relationship with food and heal from past negative experiences. Laura’s goal is to help others understand that by incorporating a holistic approach to nutritional goals long-term success is achievable through small, individualized goals. Laura is ready to help you find food freedom and achieve success!

Approach to care

Laura’s approach to care incorporates the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual characteristics of each individual person as well as evidenced based research to meet goals. Laura understands that meeting with a dietitian can be overwhelming and stressful and uses her experience in therapeutic modalities to provide a session full of empathy, kindness, inclusion, non-judgement and understanding to make everyone feel comfortable and heard. Laura meets patients where they are at to set small, attainable goals that lead to big changes in the long term.

Your first session with Laura

Laura loves to get to know people beyond their goals and nutritional shortcomings. She will go over medical history and current issues in casual conversation. She enjoys getting to know what motivates someone and what has and hasn’t worked previously. Laura likes to incorporate humor and add her own personal information as well so people can get comfortable with her and start building a trusted and meaningful relationship together.


📍 Oconomowoc, Wisconsin


Bachelors in Dietetics


Reading, Family vacations, Concerts with friends, Cooking, Baking with my young son, Going to my older son's sports games, Writing about professional and personal things for a creative outlet and to help others